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  • Gerardo Cañas Morales

DataGlobal en Softic 2023

The International Congress of @FedesoftCol. 🥳🦾👏🏻 # Softic20Años #SofticTransformandoIndustrias

Within the framework of the recent international congress SOFTIC 2023, Data Global has achieved important milestones that highlight our position in the competitive world of software development. Participation in this event was not only a stepping stone for our business, but a fundamental step on the road to expansion and consolidation of the brand.

One of Data Global's most outstanding achievements at this congress was the successful search for strategic allies throughout the country. The ability to establish connections and collaborations with other key players in the industry promises to further strengthen Data Global's position in the market. These alliances will enhance software development and open up new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Another notable success was the outstanding presence in the business rounds, where our CEO Gerardo Cañas presented and presented his services to potential clients. This participation resulted in the generation of valuable business opportunities and the opening of doors towards the expansion of your client portfolio. The positive impact of these interactions is not limited to the event but augurs a new stage of growth and projection for Data Global.

In addition to strengthening ties and generating business opportunities, Data Global was able to attract talented young human resources to its team of developers. This focus on attracting new talent ensures the renewal and continuation of excellence in software development. The presence of young and creative minds will inject new energy and innovative perspectives into Data Global.

Finally, the congress allowed us to effectively position ourselves in the industry. The exposure and visibility gained during the event will go a long way in reinforcing its reputation and credibility in the market. Data Global now stands as a benchmark in the software development sector, with a clear focus on innovation, quality, and sustainable growth.

In summary, our participation in the national congress was a resounding success, marked by the formation of strategic alliances, the generation of business opportunities, the attraction of young talent, and the strengthening of the brand. These achievements are indicative of the present and the promising future ahead for Data Global in the competitive world of software development.

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