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Data Global SAS is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services. We have scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. It all started in a cafe when a group of friends wrote their ideas on a napkin. Today we offer innovative and intelligent services to dozens of clients around the world.

We listen carefully to our potential customers to correctly understand their needs and exceed their expectations of our product. We know how to analyze information so that our offer always adjusts to the changing needs of the market. Be part of the change and become our client! Contact us to learn more about Data Global SAS.


Design and develop technological products and services of excellent quality, which change the lives of people and organizations represented in better results.

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To be leaders in innovation of technological solutions that transform the world.


Data Global as a technology and Software Development company has a great commitment to its collaborators, clients and the country. We make our contribution, which in turn is complemented by that of the good people, who every day contribute to improving the nation's economy, through job creation and paying our taxes. In addition to this, our activities have increasing demand and the products offered have the ability to make the work of people in companies easier. As Data Global we constantly reinvent ourselves to be modern and competitive.


Our vision is focused on making more companies communicated and centralized through our developments, working tirelessly to be leaders in our market, optimizing and taking advantage of technologies in favor of humanity. We want our work team and their families to always be favored and feel full pride in being part of this great Data Global SAS family.

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